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The renewed line of personal care products Panama 1924, with the “signature” of the Italian firm Allegrini, is launches in the Greek and Cypriot market by KSD as an exclusive agent of Allegrini.

The “designer” line Panama 1924, which is a symbol of Italian refinement, preserves all the elements that characterize it, while embodying a new, modern … air.

The refined fragrance combines the freshness of the classical citrus, with the sweetness of vanilla and the heady scent of spices.

The line consists of shampoo 47ml, shower gel 47ml, 47ml body lotion and soap 20gr.

KSD in an exclusive partnership with Allegrini, one of the leading perfumery companies in Europe offers the personal care products of the Italian House in Greek and Cypriot hotel market.

All the products of Allegrini are manufactured and packed in Milan, following the European Union regulations.

They are certified by ISO 9001: 2008, Eco Label, Bio Eco, ICEA, dermatologically tested, no parabens and mineral oils added and are classified as “green”.

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